Earth Hour 2016

One more year, the planet turns off the light on Saturday March 19 to raise awareness to all inhabitants of the Earth on the importance of tackling climate change

One more year, the planet will sink into a symbolic darkness to remind the importance of the fight against climate change in a global event that has already become the largest mobilization and participation campaign ever organized.

The organization WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) calls on people, businesses, governments, municipalities and other organizations to join this initiative which will take place on Saturday 19 March between 20.30 and 21.30.

“The future starts today”

The motto of this edition seeks to fulfill the Paris Agreement reached last December in the Conference of the Parties in Paris (COP21) on climate change and recalls that "the future starts today."

The organizers of the event encourage all citizens to share the global day on social networks through a video in which they show, with a futuristic retrospective, all achievements between this year and 2090:

According to WWF, thanks to this initiative, in 2030 we will reach the full protection of the oceans saving its fauna and flora, in 2040 the last coal mine will close, in 2060 we will achieve carbon neutrality and in 2090 we will celebrate that we avoided a temperature rise of 1.5 0C.

Origin of Earth Hour

Sydney during Earth Hour 2008

The first edition of Earth Hour took place in Sydney in 2007, though the idea was born three years earlier when the nature conservation group WWF wanted to involve the Australians into the climate change problem. For this purpose, they asked advertising agency Leo Burnett to devise a campaign. And they sure did.

On March 31th, 2007, with the support of local government, the most populous city in Australia went dark for an hour.

There was such a visual impact that in subsequent editions around twenty buildings and monuments throughout the world joined the enterprise: the Empire State, the Golden Gate, the roman Coliseum, London’s City Hall, Petronas Towers… The seed was sown.

Ever since, most public buildings interrupt their lighting for sixty minutes, and there are also many private companies who assist the event by turning off their neon signs.

ACCIONA with Earth Hour 2016

For the third consecutive year, ACCIONA will also participate in this campaign to raise awareness on the urgency to act against global warming. And will do so by turning off the lights of its main buildings in Madrid, Navarra and Bilbao. In addition, the company encourages all employees to participate in the blackout and disseminate among their relatives and friends the importance of this event.

Juan Ramón Silva, Area General Manager of Sustainability in ACCIONA, explains in this video the global impact of Earth Hour 2016:

Join the #EarthHour and help us fight against climate change!


Sources: Eart Hour and WWF.