Is the World Cup in Brazil a force for social cohesion?

Sports unleash passions and build group identities. How improve the social factor of sustainability?

Sports fill society with positive values: from the smallest school sports, to large competitions, with the organization of championships and events of international importance.

Sports unleash passions
Sports are a phenomena with a large social impact, they stir the interest of a large amount of the population and are played by many citizens. Additionally, they unleash passions and build group identities. That's why, it can be said that they are an important element for social cohesion that must be developed and promoted.

How do sports improve the social factor of sustainability?

Sporting activities are a force for social cohesions in societies, integrating individuals from every social strata and sociocultural level.

It shouldn't be forgotten that modern sports, are considered a symbol of progress, a better quality of life, a desire for improvement and a road to success, in addition to promoting equality. Therefore, there is no hesitation to promote playing sports in developing countries to harness all of their benefits.

Sports build group identities

What do school sports provide?

The advantages of integrating sports activities during childhood and adolescence are many:

Educate: Incorporating sports into the lifestyle of children and adolescents so that they becomes a regular habit during their entire life results in a healthier lifestyle.

Transmit positive values: Teamwork, exertion, self-improvement... are intrinsic values of sports that contribute to personal growth and promote coexistence.

Sport for social cohesion

Also, soccer or any other popular sport, is one of the main factors of cohesion because it is a stress reliever, although momentary, for daily problems that afflict us (like the global economic crisis).

In the States they must try to get sports in every strata of society, facilitating access to them and promoting physical activity among the population.