A tale of how to design a better planet

The story begins “Once upon a time…” and illustrates, in a very special way, the progress, sustainability and commitment needed to design a better planet.
Wind energy on Global Wind Day

With the Festive Season upon us and the New Year fast approaching, from Sustainability for all we would like to wish you all the very best through a magical story that challenges us to work for a better planet.

We wanted to communicate, in an engaging way full of hope, the importance of working for a sustainable development where present needs are met while safeguarding future generations.

The daily routines in this story charmingly evoke the evolution of the human race and inform about the changes occurring in nature. Discover how renewable energy and infrastructure based on sustainable solutions, can and must adapt to the new challenges faced by our cities today, like climate change and water shortage, for our Earth to remain balanced.

Let’s make this tale of the planet an adventure where, for once, humans are not allowed to write the ending…