Anthropocene: the age of human impact on Earth

Part of the scientific community points out that we have already entered a new geological age. Discover in this video what is
Wind energy on Global Wind Day

Geological eras are periods of time that comprise all the rocks formed during that time. Its use allows to divide and to study the different stages through which the planet has passed since its creation until the today.

You probably know the Cenozoic, Mesozoic or Paleozoic, but have you heard about the Anthropocene? For the last two hundred years humankind has caused such a negative footprint on the environment that some scientists describe it as a new geological age: the age of human impact on Earth or the Anthropocene.

Since the pre-industrial era, and especially since the second half of the last century, the degradation of the environment and the climate change caused by humans have increased at a rate never seen in any other time in history.

Causes of the Anthropocene

When analyzing the reasons that have caused the appearance of this new geological age, we can speak of two main causes: the model of energy production and the resource consumption model. The energy produced from coal, oil and natural gas emits large amounts of greenhouse gases, the main causes of global warming.

For its part, the growing population needs a greater use of natural resources that nowadays surpasses the capacity of the Earth to regenerate them.

Do you know what the Anthropocene is? Discover the new geological era in this video

Consequences of the Anthropocene

These human actions cause, among other consequences, changes in the water cycle, imbalances and destructions in the marine and terrestrial ecosystems, the increase of extreme meteorological phenomena, the acidification of the oceans or the disappearance of the forests.

Is it possible to stop the devastating impact we are having on the planet? Yes. Although there are certain irreversible consequences, we can still mitigate much of the damage caused to the environment.

It is necessary to tackle the problem at its root, decarbonising the economy and relying in renewable and non-polluting energy sources such as the sun, the water and the wind. Also making a responsible and equal use of natural resources will help achieve a more sustainable system that can prevent the Anthropocene from becoming  the last era of our planet.


Malcolm Botfield


This the major problem facing our existence on earth. Environmental effects cause by humans changing the environment for his existence on earth. Mineral mining, water mining, forest mining, clearing for agriculture, manufacturing, construction to house inhabitants, business and transport. Over population and pollution of the environment with gas, solids and liquids.

Reggie Mayhem


There are no solutions because the 5% money men control Governments. They want profit and control. Governments pander for votes and appease peoples demands. The rest is failure. The immediate solution is to wipe out 75% of world population as a short term solution. Then develop different ideals and values rigidly and move forward, knowing the consequences if mistakes happen.

George Gilks


We are currently at 1.7C above baseline, rapidly heading towards 2C by 2022. With the loss of Arctic sea ice during this coming decade, we are on our way to 3.5C by 2030, 8C by 2100. We are locked into 3.5C by 2030, regardless of what actions we take. Greening the economy sounds good, but the effect will be the loss of aerosols in the atmosphere, causing even more warming. We're trapped in a catch22 situation, damned if we do, damned if we don't. We need to come to grips with our situation and stop lying about it. We are facing near term extinction of the human race, it is irreversible regardless of what actions we take. Buckle up, we are on the rollercoaster to hell, we are in for one hell of a wild ride.

Gordon Snow


This article, and the reference to aerosols in the atmosphere in one of the comments, help me to a better understanding of the issues around climate change. My thanks to both. After a Google search of aerosol injection, it seems to me that we need to pursue that as well as an aggressive program to reduce greenhouse gas omissions. This would mitigate the locked in effects of increased CO2 in the atmosphere while allowing us to Gradually transition to a more green economy.



"Is it possible to stop the devastating impact we are having on the planet? Yes. Although there are certain irreversible consequences, we can still mitigate much of the damage caused to the environment." Your above statement answer should be possibly NO. Its a Pandora box once opened very hard to close . We will need to learn to live with it. The new retirement system is based on Accumulation products of the ASX ( and International) share market primarily, made up of Banking/ Investment , Mining and Education , take out banking and mining and you knock of 2/3 of the economy. Then big economic problems . Morrison government knows this so they are holding the climate card close to their chest and will bring it out for the next election. But it will be a smoke screen . The odd day of 40degree C + its neither here or there , wait till the average daily temp over the whole year, is around 50 degree C and see how long it takes before you are worn down.

Sean Tighe


Yes Reggie Mayhem. All the "problems" talked about are not the problem. They are the result of The Problem-- HUMANITY. There are too many people on this planet and we are plundering, raping and pillaging our Earth to an inevitable destruction, a place fit only for flies, rats and cockroaches. The only solution which will provide a future is to get rid of about 5 billion people and restart our lives in a sustainable manner. Those removed can be blood and boned and put on the land to revitalise it, not wasted. Anything less will be a pathetic waste of time by the World's wet, wimpish, Jesus Freak politicians. Unfortunately maybe only China is headed In that direction and we are doomed.


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