International Volunteer Day 2015

UN celebrates International Volunteer Day since 1985 to recognize the labor of all these selfless workers

In order to thank volunteers for their necessary and never sufficiently recognized work, the United Nations celebrates since 1985 the International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development on December 5. Under the slogan of this edition "Your world is changing. Are you? Volunteer!" we join the praises addressed to all volunteers worldwide who certainly have an indispensable role in the sustainable development of the most needy communities or the care of natural environment.

Muzú project: Constructing stories

What better way to celebrate International Volunteer Day 2015 than recalling this kind campaign? Muzú project: Constructing Stories is an initiative launched by ACCIONA Construction workers in Colombia. Contractors and suppliers who are carrying out the tasks of sanitary and storm sewer in the Muzú district, in Bogota, selflessly created a tale book for children disowning copyrights with the aim of raising money for social causes:

Sustainable energy for all

Another charitable initiative, in this case long-lasting, is promoted by ACCIONA Microenergía Foundation. Through a volunteer program, employees of the company can see first hand the reality of the regions of Cajamarca, in Peru, and Oaxaca, in Mexico. Thanks to this plan thousands of household are supplied with electricity by photovoltaic systems despite living in rural areas with difficult conditions and infrastructure development. These are the testimonies of some of the volunteers:


Sources: UN Volunteers and International Volunteer Day.