What is Spanish Green Growth Group?

Action from the business world to promote a roadmap that fosters renewable energy

The Spanish Green Growth Group roots are in the business world with the aim to collaborate with companies and governments to create an efficient roadmap for a low-carbon economy. In pursuit of leadership in the medium or long term, the group of companies which form the Group would like to demonstrate the commitment to incorporating climate policies in their business strategies.

The current year will be a critical year for the development of a global strategy on climate change, which will require an alignment of governments, business and the civil society. This alliance will be especially important in the EU to ensure that the continent remains the driving force behind negotiations or an international agreement (COP21 Paris).

There is a huge opportunity for the Spanish economy to promote low-carbon green growth initiatives. These are new products and services but as they bring with them a new approach to already consolidated activities, they will modernize such activities.

To translate this opportunity into specific business initiatives which create jobs and wealth and are sustainable over time, certain requirements should be analyzed and taken on board. The main requirements will be:

  • Fostering green growth efficiently should be a constant internationally-based task and the inspiration behind all internal economic policies due to the advantages not only in economic terms but also in terms of securities or improvement of balance of payments. The impetus must come from different types of policies, from environmental policies to policies which have an effect on manufacturing industries, energy or innovation, to name but a few.
  • Establishing a stable and intelligent regulation for green growth which builds certainty in the long term and fosters efficient investments in the area.
  • Reviewing the financial model and carrying out a risk analysis on the basis of this situation.
  • Innovation in products and services is essential. By focusing on the low-carbon economy, we can generate added value beyond national borders and facilitate internationalization of businesses.
  • It is vital that we make the final consumer more aware and that we help him understand the value of these products and we operate with transparency when presenting relevant information.

To look at these matters in more detail, we will instigate a study to develop the essential requirements stated above which will help better understand this new situation in Spain and the opportunities which may be afforded by this for all of us.