The post-2015 agenda. Organisations and sustainable development (III)

Most of these organisations are inter-related and establish links to lead movements for sustainable development

As in the first and second articles, most of these organisations are inter-related and establish links to lead movements in areas such as renewable energy, awareness-raising, low-carbon technology and innovation, responsible finance, combating climate change, etc.

Low-carbon economy...

Defending what it calls climate justice, is a movement that conducts online campaigns and grassroots initiatives with the goal of keeping carbon in the ground, helping to build a new and more equitable economy, and pressuring governments to limit greenhouse gas emissions.Low-carbon economy

The Spanish Green Growth Group, which was recently transformed into an association of Spanish companies, presented the Barcelona Declaration, in which it set out 10 recommendations for a low-carbon economy. These companies aim to convey to society and government their vision of an economic growth model that is compatible with sustainable development.

The Green Growth Platform, established by CLG and Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), has become an influential voice within the European Union (EU) in climate and energy policy for 2030 through tools and meetings between CLG business leaders and senior EU officials.

The Citizens' Climate Lobby approaches climate change policy through citizen empowerment. This NGO seek support in society and demands action from government to support policies that foster renewable energy and deprecate fossil fuels.

These three posts review some of the main organisations that are working to promote sustainable development; clearly, there is a growing interdependence between them that serves to raise awareness of initiatives to change the current system for one in which sustainable development is compatible with social, economic and environmental progress.