Acronyms and Abbreviations COP20 Lima

This list will facilitate your comprehension of the agreements and news referred to the Conference of the Parties on Climate Change

This list will facilitate your comprehension of the agreements and news referred to the Conference of the Parties on Climate Change:

AC Adaptation Committee

ADB Asian Development Bank

ADP Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action

AfDB African Development Bank

AGT Automated Guideway Transit

AMR Annual Monitoring Review

AR5 Fifth Assessment Report

ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations

ASTUD Asian Sustainable Transport and Urban Development

BRT Bus Rapid Transit

BUR Biennial Update Report

CBD Convention on Biological Diversity

CBNRM Community-Based Natural Resource Management

CBO Community-Based Organization

CCA Climate Change Adaptation

CCCD Cross-Cutting Capacity Development

CCM Climate Change Mitigation

CEIT Countries with Economy in Transition

CEO Chief Executive Officer

CGE Consultative Group of Experts

CI Conservation International

CNFO Caribbean Network of Fisher-folk Organizations

CNG Compressed Natural Gas

CO2 eq Carbon Dioxide Equivalent

COP Conference of the Parties

CSO Civil Society Organization

CTCN Climate Technology Centre and Network

DHRS Dutyion Root Hydration System

EA Enabling Activity

EBA Ecosystem-Based Adaptation

EBRD European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

ECW Expanded Constituency Workshop

EIB European Investment Bank

EnMS Energy Management System

ESA European Space Agency

ESCO Energy Service Company

ESO Energy Systems Optimization

EST Environmentally Sound Technology

ETC Early Transition Country

EV Electric Vehicle

FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

FBUR First Biennial Update Report

FCV Fuel Cell Vehicle

FNC Fourth National Communication

FSP Full-sized Project

FY Fiscal Year

GCF Green Climate Fund

GCM Global Climate Model

GEB Global Environmental Benefit

GEF Global Environment Facility

GEFTF Global Environment Facility Trust Fund

GHG Greenhouse Gas

GSP Global Support Program

GWP Global-warming Potential

HCFC Hydro-chlorofluorocarbon

IAP Integrated Approach Pilot

IBRD International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank)

ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization

IDB Inter-American Development Bank

IEA International Energy Agency

IFAD International Fund for Agricultural Development

INC Initial National Communication

INDC Intended Nationally Determined Contribution

IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

kt kilotonne (103 tonnes)

LAC Latin America and the Caribbean

LCT Low-carbon Technology

LDC Least Developed Country

LDCF Least Developed Countries Fund

LED Light Emitting Diode

LEG Least Developed Countries Expert Group

LULUCF Land Use, Land-Use Change, and Forestry

MDB Multilateral Development Bank

MEA Multilateral Environmental Agreement

MFA Multi-focal Area

MFP Multi-functional Platform

MRV Measurement, Reporting and Verification

MSP Medium-sized Project

MSW Municipal Solid Waste

Mt Megatonne (106 tonnes)

MTF Multi Trust Fund

MTR Mid-term Review

NAMA Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action

NAP National Adaptation Plan

NAPA National Adaptation Program of Action

NBSAP National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan

NC National Communication

NCSA National Capacity Self-Assessment

NCSP National Communications Support Program

NDE Nationally Designated Entity

NFP National Focal Point

NGO Non-governmental Organization

NIMS National Inventory Management System

NIP National Implementation Plan

NIS National Inventory System

NMT Non-motorized Transport

NPFE National Portfolio Formulation Exercise

NRM Natural Resource Management

ODP Ozone Depleting Potential

ODS Ozone Depleting Substance

OFP Operational Focal Point

OPS Overall Performance Study

PES Payment for Ecosystem Services

PIF Project Identification Form

PIR Project Implementation Report

PMIS Project Management Information System

POP Persistent Organic Pollutant

PPG Project Preparation Grant

PPP Public-Private Partnership

PRSP Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper

PV Photo-voltaic

RBM Results-Based Management

REDD+ Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation plus1

RET Renewable Energy Technology

SBES Sustainable Biomass Energy System

SBI Subsidiary Body for Implementation

SBUR Second Biennial Update Report

SCF Standing Committee on Finance

SCCF Special Climate Change Fund

SCCF-A Special Climate Change Fund Adaptation Program

SCCF-B Special Climate Change Fund Program for Technology Transfer

SFM Sustainable Forest Management

SGP Small Grants Program

SIDS Small Island Developing State

SLM Sustainable Land Management

SME Small and Medium Enterprise

SMME Small, Medium and Micro-scale Enterprise

SNC Second National Communication

SPA Strategic Priority on Adaptation

SSL Solid State Lighting

STAP Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel

STAR System for Transparent Allocation of Resources

TAP Technology Action Plan

TEC Technology Executive Committee

TER Terminal Evaluation Report

TNA Technology Needs Assessment

TNC Third National Communication

UNCCD United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification

UNDP United Nations Development Programme

UNEP United Nations Environment Programme

UNFCCC United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

UNIDO United Nations Industrial Development Organization

WWF-US World Wildlife Fund