10 recommendations for a low-carbon economy

Discover the10 recommendations for moving towards a green economy that is low in emissions and offers sustainable growth.

The Spanish Green Growth Group, a group of Spanish companies that are committed to combating climate change, has presented 10 recommendations for moving towards a green economy that is low in emissions and offers sustainable growth.

The document, called the Declaración de Barcelona, was presented at Carbon Expo 2015; its goal is to outline a sustainable development roadmap towards a green growth model in Spain. The declaration contains the following 10 recommendations:

Renewable energy

  1. Recognise the green economy as a source of economic growth and prosperity, and factor in negative environmental externalities.
  2. Approve policies which strengthen the green option through government economic policies that facilitate this transition.
  3. Establish a regulatory framework which is stable, predictable and transparent and which helps mobilize the necessary private capital.
  4. Eliminate red tape and ensure institutional coordination. A disparity of legislation may lead to legal uncertainty that halts investment in these areas.
  5. Promote research, innovation and technology as drivers of growth and of knowledge creation.
  6. Promote information and awareness-raising among the public. Citizens must be seen as the protagonists of any green growth strategy.
  7. Develop funding capabilities and eliminate barriers in order to effect a long-term transformation of the economy.
  8. All sectors, particularly the energy sector, must contribute to decarbonising the economy.
  9. Incentivise public-private partnerships by providing a stable transparent framework and legal certainty.
  10. Revise taxation so that it supports green growth

The Spanish Green Growth Group, of which ACCIONA is a member, is a group of companies in Spain which aim to convey to society and government their vision of an economic growth model that is compatible with the efficient use of natural resources. To that end, citizens, business and government must work together.

More information: Website Spanish Green Growth Group


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