Achievements of the Conference of the Parties

It is time to look back to assess all the milestones that the COP has achieved since 1995

The Conference of the Parties (COP) will celebrate in little more than two months its twenty-second edition in Marrakech (Morocco), and it is time to look back to assess all the milestones that have been achieved to date since the first COP was held in Berlin in 1995.

While significant progress was not achieved in all of the annual meetings over the last two decades agreements and pacts have been forged, less than expected, initialed in the last edition with the Paris Agreement.

Historical record of the Conference of the Parties

- COP 1. Berlin, 1995: At the first conference, the signatories agree to meet annually to maintain control over global warming and see the need to reduce emissions of polluting gases.

- COP 3. Kyoto. 1997: The Kyoto Protocol is adopted with the commitment to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in industrialized countries. Lays the foundation of the carbon market.

- COP 13. Bali, 2007: The Bali Roadmap sets a timetable for negotiations for a new international agreement to replace the Kyoto Protocol and include all countries, not only the developed ones.

- COP 15. Copenhagen, 2009: The objective of keeping global warming below 2 ºC is validated and developed countries commit to finance developing countries in the long term.

- COP16. Cancun, 2010:  The Cancun Agreements, which formalizes the commitments set out in Copenhagen, are written and the Green Climate Fund is created mainly for climate actions in developing countries.

- COP17. Durban, 2011: This time, all countries agree to start reducing emissions, including the US and emerging countries (Brazil, China, India and South Africa). It was decided to negotiate a global agreement that would came into force in 2020.

- COP18. Doha, 2012: It is decided to extend the Kyoto Protocol until 2020. Countries like the US, China, Russia and Canada did not support the extension.

- COP20. Lima, 2014: For the first time, all countries agree to develop and share their commitment to reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

- COP21, Paris, 2015: After 20 years of negotiations, the Paris Agreement was unanimously adopted to keep global warming below 2 ºC above pre-industrial and continue efforts to limit it to 1.5 ºC.

With an eye on the COP22, which will take place between 7 and 18 November, the 196 parties will try to keep up in the fight against climate change caused by man.

Achievements of the Conference of the Parties


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