Guide to enjoy the best sustainable tourism

Meeting new cultures, places and people without leaving a negative mark for the environment and its inhabitants is the best way to travel
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Traveling is definitely the best way to get in touch with different cultures, discover unique places and meet other people. However, it is important keeping in mind that when we leave our environment to get into unknown places we must meet a number of guidelines to ensure the care of the environment and contribute to socioeconomic development.

On many occasions, tourism does not benefit the visited community and can cause some damage, both to its inhabitants and the natural environment where it is located. To avoid this kind of destructive tourism, there are growing alternatives for practicing sustainable tourism.

Sustainable tourism: do's and don'ts

First and foremost, it is important to note that each country or community may have a culture, customs and values very different to ours, so it is crucial to respect these differences and not offend in any way its inhabitants.

Also, taking care of the environment is of particular relevance when we travel, because normally many tourist destinations are precisely known because of its natural, cultural and architectural heritage. These environments, source of income for their communities, are constantly exposed to potential scuffs, so we must exercise caution and follow the indications of conservation so that its beauty can continue to enthrall all future visitors.

Another important aspect that we must always keep in mind is that today we have many possibilities to reduce our carbon footprint: shared accommodation and carpools, use of technology instead of printed paper, recycling practices ... If each of us does his part we will make our vacation destinations do not suffer the downside of tourism.

To help you better understand what the good practices of sustainable tourism are and which habits we must eradicate, we have prepared some tips in this quick guide that will be very useful when you go on vacation at any time of year and anywhere on the planet.

Guide to enjoy the best sustainable tourism