Sustainable mobility, a boost for development

The European Mobility Week aims to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable mobility in urban environments

One more year, the European Mobility Week reaches more than two thousand cities of the old continent to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable mobility. In this edition, which will take place from Friday 16 September until Thursday 22, the theme chosen for the meeting will be "Smart mobility. Strong economy·, and it's focused on the many benefits of choosing sustainable mobility for citizens, businesses and society as a whole.

The European Commission, the main promoter of this event since 2011, proposes two major objectives to improve the quality of life in Europe: the first is the gradual elimination of diesel cars in urban environments in 2050, some countries such as France or the Netherlands have already proposed measures to limit its use. The second objective is to achieve a balance of zero emissions in major European cities in 2030.

European Mobility Week

How to achieve these two goals? The international organization establishes four basic pillars on which the strategy will be supported: innovation, digitization, decarbonization and citizenship.

"Smart mobility. Strong economy"

In order to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable mobility, the event organizers have launched thousands of initiatives in different parts of Europe, including information campaigns, cycling routes or free public transport days.

They have also created a video with information on the positive impact of sustainable mobility, where some of the next benefits appear:

- Cyclists live an average of two years longer

- People who cycle to work cause 15% less sick leave

- Two million people in Europe work on public transport

- The bicycle sector employs 650,000 people in Europe

- Cyclists spend 111,000 million euros in local trade

- It is estimated that sustainable mobility saves 80,000 million per year in health

For these and more reasons we support the European Mobility Week. Do you know any initiative which will be carried out in your city? Tell us and participate with your comments.


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