European Mobility Week 2014

"A street is your best choice" is the slogan of the European Mobility Week. What activities take place in your city?

“Our streets, our choice” is the 2014 European Mobility Week´s banner, which will take place from 16th to 22nd September, with the aim of redesigning roads and public places for the people´s benefit so that a more sustainable mobility in cities can be achieved.

A sustainable mobility: the bicycle

These are some of the measures to accomplish it:

- Making the people and their governments aware: the first and most urgently, of how serious the problem of pollution is.

- Taking measures to reduce traffic, such as turning roads into pedestrian areas, converting parking spaces into parks, restricting the time when cars can access the cities…

- Providing sustainable means of transport that reduce the carbon footprint, like walking or cycling; preparing roads with cycle lanes, green ways, renting municipality bicycles

- Promoting a change towards sustainable forms of transport –with electric cars and promoting public transport which everyone can access.

This European event finishes on the Car Free Day, a global initiative celebrated every 22nd September. Bogotá and Medellín (Colombia) mark this day by gathering on a large scale, as driving private cars in the city has been forbidden by referendum.

More and more countries are thus becoming aware of the importance of using transport in a sustainable way to reduce their cities’ carbon footprint and curb climate change. Along with the above-mentioned initiatives there are others like Cumbre de Ciudades Líderes en Movilidad Sustentable (Leading Cities in Sustainable Mobility Summit) in Latin America and Congreso Velo City.

Sustainable mobility: electric public transport

- The former, which took place in Lima (Peru) last August, has been able to gather for the first time in history 50 mayors of major cities in Latin America with the aim of exchanging ideas and implementing strategies for a sustainable urban mobility.

- The latter took place in Adelaide (Australia) last May and gathers the representatives of those cities where cycling urban mobility is best promoted. Next time will be in June next year and will take place in Nantes (France).

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Thank you for helping to build a better street!

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