Yoda and global warming

One of the most famous Jedi Master warned a long time ago in a distant galaxy about the threat of the Dark Side, known today as global warming

Yoda (896 aBY-4 dBY) was one of the most renowned and powerful Jedi Masters in the history of the galaxy and one of the few Jedis of the Galactic Republic to survive until the Civil War. His role was decisive in the course of events as he instructed Luke Skywalker.

His pacifist and reflective nature, contemplating the Jedi arts only as a defense and introspection and never for attack, was reflected in his teaching, always aimed at maintaining the global order and the protection of habitats of each galactic species. In a clear allusion to global warming, Yoda warns about the negative effect of the dark side, that clouds everything making it impossible to see the future clearly, hinting for trained minds the need to invest in clean energy sources that allow a glimpse of a more sustainable tomorrow.

Yoda and global warming


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