World Water Day 2016

As every year, on March 22 World Water Day is celebrated in order to raise awareness about the importance of water in our planet

As every year, this Tuesday, March 22, World Water Day is celebrated worldwide. The event, created by the United Nations (UN) and coordinated by UN-Water and the ILO (International Labour Organisation), is dedicated this year to the theme Water and Jobs. The goal is to raise awareness on the importance of water and its relationship to the millions of people working in sectors related to water.

Figures speak for themselves:

World Water Day 2016

- 1.5 billion people work in sectors related to water

- 100% of employment in agriculture depends on water

- 90% of employment in industry sector depends on water

- 40% of employment in service sector depends on water

- 40% of the active global population works in agriculture, livestock and fishing

- 80% of workers in the water industry works in operators of water supply facilities and wastewater treatment

These numbers provided by the UN are a preview of the comprehensive report that will be presented on Tuesday, March 22 on the occasion of World Water Day.

"Better water, better jobs”

With the theme for this year, "Better water, better jobs", the UN invites all citizens to show their commitment to this natural resource. The international organization has produced a video in which they show how water can improve economic sectors worldwide:

How was World Water Day originated?

This year marks the twenty-fourth edition of the World Water Day, but where does the idea of organizing this world event come from? It happened in 1992, during the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED). The organizers agreed unanimously to dedicate that day to raise public awareness of the importance of water in the lives of all the inhabitants of the Earth.

In ACCIONA we join the cause and we have launched a website where we compile the most relevant information about this day and we show our commitment to achieving universal access to water through our different projects.


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