World Water Day 2015

“Water for a sustainable development” is the 2015 World Water Day´s slogan, a worldwide campaign which will take place next 22nd March.

“Water for a sustainable development” is the 2015 World Water Day´s slogan, a worldwide campaign to raise the awareness of the importance and use of water on earth, which will take place next 22nd March.

For this purpose, the UN has highlighted this World Water Day 2015 as a day in which we will know about all those different areas connected with water that we need to consider for creating the future we want:

• Health – Water is essential to life. We can spend weeks eating nothing but just a few days without water. The World Health Organisation (WHO) suggests 7.5 litres per each person, an amount which rises to 20 litres for each person every day for house and hygiene basic needs. And not only do we need water as a primary and basic need; the transmission of many diseases and hygiene are intimately related to it. Therefore, water means health.

• Nature – Did you know that fresh water depends on a healthy and continued functioning of ecosystems? And these, along with biodiversity, are the vital mainstay of the Earth; we depend on them for the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink.

• Urban development – Overpopulation. A greater need for resources. A greater need for water. Cities growth and water supply; in just 40 years´ time, the urban world population will double. It is estimated that by 2050 2.5 billion people will have moved to the cities.

• Industry – First we have to bear in mind that producing or manufacturing requires water. Almost every factory uses water, from cooling turbines to filling pools. The factories´ water footprint is estimated to have a 400% growth until 2050.

• Power – 15% of the world´s water usage is used for producing electricity; by 2030 the demand will increase to 40%. Water and power are inseparable notions; making the water move on requires power, producing power requires water.

• Food – The sole production of two veal steaks requires up to 15,000 litres of water! Farming takes up now 90% of water usage in some developed countries, with a world average of 70%. What will be the effects of a growing population? Overpopulation, a greater demand for food and for water. Right now we must increase the level of efficiency and responsibility for water use.

• Equality – Access to water means equality, it is what drives many societies to develop. Just in Africa, especially women and girls spend 40,000 million hours every year trying to find water. How is it possible to reconcile this task with school, work, that is, a “normal” life?

“Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all” is one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but in a way or another each of the 17 goals are connected with water. The World Water Day reaffirms its importance and reminds us all of the challenges we face for a sustainable development.

Would you like to know what YOU can do for engaging in this World Water Day 2015?

World Water Day 2015

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