Leonardo Da Vinci and water

Leonardo Da Vinci, the archetype of Renaissance man, is the author of many famous quotes, including this one in which he emphasized the importance of water

Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519), born in the Republic of Florence (now Italy), developed his activity as a painter, anatomist, architect, paleontologist, artist, botanist, scientist, writer, sculptor, philosopher, engineer, inventor, musician, poet and urbanist, described as the most symbolic personality of Renaissance Man and considered by many experts as the person with the highest number of multidisciplinary talents of history.

Da Vinci was interested from a young age by nature, of which he was a curious observer, and animals, to the point of becoming a vegetarian and buy caged birds to release them. As a studious of environmental processes, Da Vinci stated the importance of water with this famous quote: "Water is the vehicle of nature".

Leonardo Da Vinci and water


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