Don't flush wipes down the toilet!

Flushing wipes down the toilet is like returning to the past. Look how the sanitation system has evolved and throw them into the trash!

Using the toilet as a trash can is a habit as widespread as harmful. Textile waste such as wipes stuck urban sanitation networks causing serious damage that mean expensive repairs and also serious environmental problems.

Water sustainability not only depends on its rational consumption, it is also necessary to return the water to its natural environment properly, which leads us to not use the toilet as a toilet or trash.

Do you want to see why flushing wipes down the toilet is like returning to the past? We explain to you the history and possible future of sanitation systems.

Don't flush wipes down the toilet!

Ancient Rome: The "Cloaca Maxima" transferred the rainfall water accumulated in the center of Rome to the Tiber River.

19th century: The buildings were connected by drains to the sewage system of the city.

20th century: Collection and transfer of rainwater is separated from sewage, then purified and reused.

Nowadays: The most advanced technology is at the service of water management in the city.


The wipes threaten our effective sanitation system: so many are flushed down the toilet that they generate clogs in the sewers and cause malfunction service, besides having a high cost for citizens and an environmental impact.


Enjoying our quality of life is very simple, we just have to throw the wipes and other waste in the trash rather than the toilet.

We all win!