Sustainable Events in the company

If we are going to reduce the ecological footprint of our daily activities, we cannot forget our activities in the workplace.

If we are going to reduce the ecological footprint of our daily activities, we cannot forget our activities in the workplace. Here it is important both to have a well-managed office and to organise any events in a sustainable way.

It is important to get used to organising sustainable eventsThis was already a trend in 2011, and gathered speed in 2012. But in 2013 there has been a huge growth in company events of this kind, organised in a sustainable way.

To this end more and more companies (like this one) exist to take these measures, reducing environmental impact and energy consumption as much as possible. In this way, not only do we make savings ourselves, but we also help companies to carry out their activity as sustainably as possible by offering simple, made-to-measure actions for them to carry out. The aim is to minimise the negative impact that these activities have on the environment.
Including CSR activities is an increasingly common trend. Another very well received idea is to measure an event's carbon footprint (measurement by the CeroCO2 organisation of the carbon footprint left by the 2012 Prince of Asturias Awards ceremony is an example of this trend), and even to include a calculator in the company's website to measure this footprint. Engage with NGOs to make them known, start up crowdfunding actions to cofinance their projects, contract a sustainable caterer, etc.

Currently no certification exists to guarantee and give prestige to sustainable events, but this is expected to be regulated in mid-2013. Given the need to make known an event's sustainability, it is best to include it in the communication plans.
All of these measures have huge benefits, like saving energy and material resources, improving the company's external image , providing examples of good practice and satisfying the current social demand for sustainability. They will align your business to its customers' values, differentiating it from potential competitors and strengthening your prestige, as well as bringing tax deduction benefits. In short, organising your company's events sustainably will give visibility to your environmental management philosophy and thus demonstrate your commitment.



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