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Six tricks to save on your air conditioning

Saving energy is not only good for the fight against climate change, it's also good for your wallet

Six tricks to save on your air conditioning

Saving energy is not only good for the fight against climate change, it's also good for your wallet. Thus, pursuing energy efficiency and more sustainable development go hand in hand.

Tips for saving on air conditioning: keep out the heat sustainably

Tricks to save on air conditioning

Air conditioning devices have become common in many homes. Therefore, their sustainable and energy-efficient use are essential to curb emissions to the atmosphere and save money.

Do you want to know tricks to save on air conditioning?

1. Check the label: We have spoken about 'vampire household appliances' in other articles and the expense they represent for your home in the long term. Although they are initially inexpensive, you pay the difference in the long run. An efficient air conditioning device can save up to 60% more than a conventional one.

2. Monitor and regulate the temperature: You should be comfortable in your home, so it is important to know that the most appropriate temperature is 22 ºC. Don't forget that your electricity bill can increase as much as 8% for every additional degree of lower temperature that you set.

The most appropriate temperature is 22ºC

3. Always keep your device in good running condition: keeping the air filters clean is essential for proper operation of the air conditioning unit.

4. Additional items that can help: when the heat is not overwhelming, installing ceiling or portable fans can help to save energy and money.

5. Get into the habit of taking steps to cool your home: ventilating at night or early in the morning will refresh the room temperature (10 minutes is enough). Allowing less light into the house during the rest of the day will prevent the temperature of your home from rising. When you are going to leave your home, switch off the air conditioning shortly beforehand, since the cool air will remain for a while.

Keep the air filters clean

6. Always ask for advice from specialists: it is not the same to cool a small area and to cool a room receiving direct sunlight for longer periods of time. You should choose a different device for each case to achieve greater energy savings.

If you do not want to undergo unbearable heat or pay astronomical electricity bills, you can use these tricks: your air conditioning unit will save more energy and contribute to sustainability.


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