How to save in the office

Some simple ways to save may bring a big change to energy expenditure and benefit the environment.

Whenever we talk about saving energy, and therefore a little money, we focus on how we can save at home, but what about our workplace? After all, we spend most of the day in the office, so some simple ways to save may bring a big change to energy expenditure and benefit the environment.

Ways to save in the office:

How much do we spend on electricity?

There are measures that are simple but that are not regularly applied, like taking making use of natural light whenever possible, and turning off lights in spaces not being used (meeting rooms, empty offices, etc ) and, above all, a great saving can now be made by changing to LED lights, which consume much less and last around 50 years.

Get used to organising sustainable events

Intelligent printing

A small gesture every time you print a document can make a big difference in paper saved each year. Reuse old documents by printing new ones on the back, or use a smaller type face and both sides of the paper as a simple, practical way of saving.

Recycling folders and making good use of space in notebooks, post-its and other paper materials are good practice.

We should always follow a policy of recycling all waste paper material and spent toner cartridges. It is also recommendable to print in black and white whenever possible and to use colour printing only when strictly necessary.

Do I receive only mail that interests me?

Thanks to new technologies, it is less and less necessary to receive certain documents printed on paper, like bills, bank documents, advertising, etc. A sustainable vision means unsubscribing to all publications, newsletters, catalogues and other advertising material that does not interest you.

Maximise the efficiency of your office equipment

Strangely, many people leave their equipment turned on when they leave the office. It is estimated that there is a large avoidable expense in leaving electronic devices on standby, so you should get used to turning off completely all office equipment to make significant annual energy savings.
Measures such as these, which are easy to follow in any workplace, will give big energy and cost savings by the end of the year. However, we must take this awareness to all levels, not forgetting, for example, to use public transport and make fewer journeys, and to adopt healthy consumer habits, choosing the least toxic materials, reusable utensils, fair trade cafés and recycling everything we can. Putting plants in the office, as well as being pleasing to the eye, is recommendable because they absorbs interior pollution. Simple, no?