Have you heard about Sustainable Restaurants?

Sustainable restaurants offer healthy cuisine that also takes care of the planet.

Have you heard about the new trend in sustainable cuisine? Sustainable restaurants offer a new perspective on what gastronomy means and there are ever more of them, offering healthy cuisine that also takes care of the planet.

Try sustainable cuisineThis type of restaurant has come out of the need to meet every higher numbers of consumers who want sustainable healthy food and who are aware that having certain lifestyle habits reduces environmental impact.

Current issues

Demand for food is forecast to rise by 50% by 2030. Water use will increase by 30% and land use by 50%.

Current food systems are not sustainable since they use resources whose rate of production is lower than consumption and are responsible for using 70% of the world's water, 30% of greenhouse emissions and over-fishing.

Is there a solution to attain sustainability?

There is, if the model is changed for one where: resource efficiency is achieved (water, energy...) through sustainable production. In short, facing up to the challenges for food sustainability.

There is a link between CO2 production and nutritional quality. There are plant-based balanced diets that produce little CO2 but which, in order to be energy efficient, require greater quantity that increases CO2 production.

What are sustainable restaurants?

They have several key features such as the use of organic produce, local consumption and, in short, a sustainable process from contracting staff to the establishment's carbon footprint. Their philosophy? Maintaining a balance so that resources do not run out and using products and processes that do not harm the environment.

In order to be a sustainable restaurant, we need to take into account several factors: that run from the social (linked to contracting staff and customer service), and the economic (local suppliers and efficiency) to those linked to the environment (carbon footprint, waste management, etc.).

Official EU organic logo

If you would like to discover the Sustainable Restaurants in your city, the Hermeneus network can help you find them. In addition, you can obtain information on where to buy organic food near your home at a good price.

A healthy, sustainable diet

Is this the key to more healthy food reducing environmental impact? Seasonal, fair trade and local produce that is also organic (without using pesticides or chemical fertilisers).