Is it possible to capture CO2 from the atmosphere?

Yes, it is possible to capture CO2 from the atmosphere. There are natural and artificial methods that reduce the amount of this gas in the atmosphere. Here's how they work.
Wind energy on Global Wind Day

Climate change is already a reality, but we still have time to mitigate its effects. How? By achieving carbon neutrality. Greenhouse gas emissions are directly related to rising temperatures. And it is vital that we limit that global warming to 1.5ºC above the temperature during the pre-industrial period. To do this, the main thing we need to do is move away from fossil fuels and commit to renewable energies.

However, there are other methods—both natural and artificial—that could be key in reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Some are as simple as planting more trees, while others are complex and involve using technology to filter CO2 from the air. Watch the following video and learn about strategies we can use to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save the planet.


As we have seen, in the near future we will have different ways to help capture CO2 from the atmosphere. But, for the time being, measures such as reducing energy consumption, improving energy efficiency, supporting renewable energies and promoting financial mechanisms that change our production and consumption habits, all play a leading role in achieving carbon neutrality.

The environmental challenges ahead are alarming. But we still have time to take the least damaging path and start working to limit the effects of climate change. The challenges grow with every decade that goes by and, if we don't take sufficient action, climate change could become an irreversible and insurmountable problem.


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