Drones, the great ally of sustainability

The implementation of drones in the fields of sustainability and scientific research is already a reality that opens the door to a future full of possibilities

Military technology for civil society... and sustainability. The implementation of drones in the fields of scientific research, renewable energies, geology or agriculture is already a reality that opens the door to a future full of possibilities.

Drones, the great ally of sustainability

The development of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) or as they are popularly known, drones, is becoming a great ally of sustainability.

Sustainable benefits of drones

There are several benefits that drones have brought to the field of sustainability. First, UAVs with video camera are a very useful tool when flying over large tracts of land to obtain images quickly: areas of agricultural crops, forest areas, fire control... This way, we achieve the reduction of pollutant emissions derived from a ground or air control and can go faster to a critical point before the incident escalates.

These unmanned devices are also being used to study air quality, the pollen count or characteristics of the atmosphere. The data collected by the drones are then used to launch alerts and develop scientific studies.

Drones and renewable energies

Another advantage of using drones that can be applied to sustainability is its use in solar power plants and windfarms. Thanks to UAVs, the technicians can fly over photovoltaic plants and wind turbines to check technical failures, material loss or malfunctioning without moving staff to each element of the installation, saving fuel and time.

Do you know the sustainable applications of drones?

Flying over ACCIONA

A clear example of UAV technology applied to sustainability is the use of drones that ACCIONA is doing lately. Duties suchs as plant maintenance and monitoring of projects are already involving professionals who manage devices with great results: topographic surveying in roadworks or therma imaging RGB cameras to control photovoltaic plants are already a reality in the daily life of the company.


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