Sustainable Energy Week: the rise of 'prosumers'

The Sustainable Energy Week aims to move towards renewable for a clean, safe and efficient energy

Brussels is this week the official venue of the Sustainable Energy Week. Although the main events will take place in the European capital between Monday 13 and Friday 17, throughout June hundreds of activities will happen throughout the continent and even beyond.

Sustainable Energy Week

The Sustainable Energy Week, organized by the European Commission, was held for the first time in 2006, and its goal is to "bring together public authorities, private companies, NGOs and consumers to promote energy saving initiatives and move towards renewable for get a clean, safe and efficient energy."

The main event of the EUSEW will be, once again, the Policy Conference, which will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the Charlemagne building of the European Commission and the Residential Palace. In both locations lectures and presentations by the highest representatives of governments, companies and associations on energy and sustainability will be held.

The empowerment of the 'prosumer'

One issue that will attract the attention in this eleventh edition of the Sustainable Energy Week will be the empowerment of the prosumer. This new figure will be key in the coming years, according to the European Union, not only in energy consumption, but also in its production. The European Commission will encourage these days both citizens and administrations to put in place facilities for renewable, clean and efficient energy for a transition to a decarbonization of the economy.

A conference at last year's EUSEW

Thus, according to the organization of the Sustainable Energy Week, energy consumers are invited to participate in the energy market contributing to reducing energy poverty and achieve successful implementation of clean energy across the continent.

Energy Days worldwide

These conferences open to the general public are not the only activities that will be held during the Sustainable Energy Week. Both the official headquarters, Brussels, and different cities of Europe and other continents have organized "presentations, workshops, lectures, tours, demonstrations and other activities that help to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy," just as explained by the organization of the EUSEW.

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