How photovoltaic solar energy works?

Did you know that… it was initially used to provide satellites with electricity?
Wind energy on Global Wind Day

You must have seen solar panels some time, but… Do you know what kind of energy do they generate? And, how do these panels work? It is photovoltaic solar energy, a renewable one harnessed to GENERATE ELECTRICITY.

Advantages of photovoltaic solar energy

Some advantages of photovoltaic technology are:

It is modular; big plants can be built on the ground or small panels for roofs.

It is not pollutant; this is renewable energy which does not emit CO2.

Exploitation and maintenance expenses are almost equivalent to 0.

It is an inexhaustible energy source.

Did you know that… it was initially used to provide satellites with electricity? And that the panels´ average service life is higher than 30 years? 

More information about solar energy and solar photovoltaic energy.




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