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José Luis Blasco,Global Director of Sustainability at ACCIONA, invites you to participate in our Opinion section in Sustainability for all.

José Luis Blasco is Global Director of Sustainability at ACCIONA. Jose Luis holds a degree in Chemistry from Universidad Complutense of Madrid and an MBA from IE (Instituto de Empresa) and counts with over 20 years of experience in the management, development and independent review of business responsibilities.

José Luis joined ACCIONA in 2019 serving as Global Director of Sustainability at ACCIONA. In addition, he is a member of Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance of the European Commission.

Previously, during his extensive career, he has held positions of responsibility in different companies. He joined KPMG in 2003 and became named partner in 2008. Previously, he was Director in the Central Department of the Red Cross, Internal Auditor of the National Westminster Bank and Director of the NatWest Spain, Teneo and Entorno Foundations.

Likewise, José Luis combines his professional work with teaching in a number of different universities and is internationally recognised as one of the greatest experts in the field of sustainability. He is also director of the training program for ESG financial Analysts -in corporate governance, social and environmental matters at IEAF in Spain.