Dealing with Sustainability challenges

Dealing with sustainability challenges is like dealing with aging, everybody has a special cream that will work for you...

Dealing with sustainability challenges is like  dealing with aging, everybody has a special cream that will work for you, hundreds of consultants will come smiling with slimming pills that will reduce your fat environmental impact to something thin as Audrey Hepburn's waist; thousands of companies are working in the right antioxidants  that will make your CO2 wrinkles disappear, governments are expert and try to provide you with waste defoliants, so the  skin of your land will look clean as a whistle; but despite all this cosmetics efforts and good will, we are still aging, all of us.


Aging into more CO2 wrinkles, slowly in its way of making difficult for us to breath, aging into waste, making us harder to find a place with none of it (name it: Mountains, oceans, rivers and jungles...);aging into a widespread environmental impact that can be seen from the outer space, could continue, aging has soo may details, but we want to mitigate aging.  Is  it possible that one solution to mitigate aging could be changing our consumption lifestyle, having a healthy lifestyle, if embracing change could be healthy for all of us? Then why everybody is looking for the Miracle Cream? ...The search goes on...


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