World Environment Day 2016

The World Environment Day aims to avoid the pressure on natural systems of the planet so it won't reach a breaking point

“The World Environment Day aims to inspire as many people around the world to act to prevent the growing pressure on natural systems of the planet Earth reaching a breaking point"

Deforestation threatens thousands of wild species

With this statement, the United Nations Program for Environment (UNEP) celebrates this Sunday, June 5, the World Environment Day with the theme "Fight against the Illegal Trade in Wildlife".

According to the United Nations Organization (UN), "The booming illegal trade in wildlife products is eroding Earth's precious biodiversity, robbing us of our natural heritage and driving whole species to the brink of extinction." Illegal hunting, animal parts trafficking such as horns of rhinoceros or elephant ivory or the indiscriminate felling of trees are driving thousands of species to the brink of extinction, and in many cases there are species that have completely disappeared.

Zero tolerance for the illegal wildlife trade

UNEP calls on all inhabitants of the planet to join in the initiatives of this World Day to raise awareness of the importance of conserving wild species on Earth. The host country, Angola, is committed to actively combat illegal trade in species and biodiversity within its borders, where this type of crime is very abundant.

Giant sable antelope is an iconic species of Angola

With the hashtag #GoWildForLife, UNEP encourages users of social networks to support the cause of this edition; and also launches two action campaigns. On the one hand, UNEP has started an initiative through Internet based on naming three giant sable antelopes, an iconic species of Angola. You can vote on the official website of UNEP, where the chosen names will be announced, too.

On the other hand, the UN also urges those who want to carry out any activity related to this day to promote it on the website of the organization: arts and crafts exhibitions, film festivals, competitions, demonstration activities, drama and poetry, flash mobs, online and social media activities, sports activities... Any initiative is valid and UNEP wants to include them all in its extensive program.

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Sources: UNEP and World Environment Day.