This playlist aims to make us more environmentally aware

Discover our Spotify playlist aims to make us more environmentally aware: #SongsForABetterPlanet

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 “…So let’s avoid an ecological aftermath, beginning with me, beginning with you…” sing the Beach Boys on their track “Don´t go near the water”. Back in the seventies, one of the best-known surf rock groups of all times sang about responsibility and care for our natural resources. Unfortunately, their message of “Let's avoid an ecological aftermath” is now more topical than ever. We invite you to discover some of the best songs about the environment thanks to our Spotify playlist.

Music is one of the most powerful weapons we have in communicating and conveying ideas and thoughts, in denouncing injustice and in getting people to wake up and smell the coffee. It is a universal language that transcends generations and language. And like The Beach Boys, many other groups and songwriters have spoken in their lyrics about protecting the environment and calling for urgent change: from Johnny Cash to Michael Jackson, from Louis Armstrong to Cantajuegos.

We invite you to discover some of the best songs about the environment thanks to our Spotify playlist #SongsForABetterPlanet

In Sustainability for everyone, we have created a playlist of tracks that share a common denominator: taking good care of our planet. Music about environmentalism that constitutes a cocktail of different styles in which it doesn’t matter if the message is sung in the form of folk or flamenco reggae. What matters is that it gets us to wake up. You’re sure to find groups you would never have listened to otherwise. And you’ll hear no musical snobbery from us. Some of the songs are cheery and fun, while others are more melancholic. Some are perfect for dancing and disconnecting while others are ideal for some quiet alone time.

Here you will find our definitive playlist so you can take our planet’s future away with you on holiday this summer in the form of music.

Suggestions are welcome to expand it!


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