Paul Hawken, the rules of sustainability

Environmentalist, entrepreneur, and author. His work includes starting ecological businesses, writing about the impact of commerce on living systems

'Change is inevitable, but not immediately, "said Paul Hawken, entrepreneur, environmentalist, journalist and writer. It takes from 20 years dedicated to sustainability and its relationship with business. "Change will finish brewing, but the question is: What will change in time?"

Paul has written several books, including four bestsellers in relation to the economy and sustainability, as well as hundreds of articles. He has also appeared on numerous television programs, and has founded several companies. His books have been published in more than 50 countries in 27 languages​​, and his work on behalf of ecology and sustainability is widespread in many other areas.

"Blessed concern" is his latest book (2007), which recognizes the great ecology as anonymous and invisible movement that is trying to change society from the root. Hawken says there has never been a comparable burst of activism, which has been amplified by the Internet and social networks.

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Paul Hawken and the rules of sustainability


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