International Day of Forests

The International Day of Forests is an event devised by the UN that aims to highlight the importance of forest areas of the planet

Since 2012, March 21 not only marks the arrival of spring in the northern hemisphere and autumn in the southern hemisphere. Today, the International Day of Forests is also celebrated worldwide, an event devised by the UN (United Nations) to highlight the importance of forest areas of the planet.

International day of forests

This is an excellent time to learn more about forests and how its preservation positively influence the lives of all the inhabitants of the Earth. Did you know that forests cover a third of the land surface of the planet? These ecosystems serve as habitats for millions of living beings, 1.6 billion people depend on forests to survive, including more than two thousand indigenous cultures.

Forests and water

The theme chosen by the UN for this year is Forests and water. The international organization seeks to raise awareness of two natural resources that humans are putting in serious danger, and they reveal some important data:

- Forested watersheds and wetlands supply 75 percent of the world’s accessible freshwater.

- About one-third of the world’s largest cities obtain a significant proportion of their drinking water directly from forested protected areas.

- Forests act as natural water filters.

- Climate change is altering forests role in water flows and the availability of water resources.

Other fact that endangers the survival of forest environments is deforestation: only in the last decade thirteen million hectares of forest worldwide have been destroyed:

Will you celebrate in any special way the International Day of Forests? Participate with your comments!


Sources: UN and FAO Forestry.


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