Edward O. Wilson and rainforest

Edward Osborne Wilson is one of the most important scientists in the history of the United States. Do you want to know why he defends the conservation of rainforest?

Edward Osborne Wilson (1929) is an American entomologist and biologist known for his work in the fields of evolution and sociobiology. Considered one of the most famous scientists in the world, Wilson is one of the only two people who have received the highest recognition from the United States in science, the National Medal of Science and the Pulitzer prize, which he won twice. Among many others, he also won the Crafoord prize, an award devised by the Royal Swedish Academy to recognize those merits that are not specifically covered by the categories of the Nobel prizes.

As a researcher of the interaction between insects and species with the ecosystems they inhabit, Wilson has always been an defender of natural environments, whose preservation is key to his studies, as he proved in one of his most important works: The Theory of Island Biogeography (1967).

Edward O. Wilson and rainforest


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