Eduardo Galeano and natural disasters

The Uruguayan writer and journalist focused on his thoughts about the relationship between man and the environment surrounding him in the final stage of his career

Eduardo Galeano (1940-2015) was a Uruguayan journalist and writer, considered one of the most important figures in Latin American literature of all time. Its production is notable for combining multiple styles, including fiction, journalism, documentary genre, political analysis and narrative history. During his career he achieved major awards and recognitions like the Stig Dagerman Prize (2010), the Casa de las Américas Prize (2011) and the Alba Prize for Literature (2013), among many others.

In the final stretch of his career, coinciding with the publication of Children of the days (2011), Galeano focused on his thoughts about the relationship between human beings and their environment and with other human beings, denouncing "a war against the poor and not against poverty" and leaving famous quotes, such as:" If nature were a bank, it would have been already saved "or" Disasters are called natural, as if nature were the executioner and not the victim".

Eduardo Galeano and natural disasters


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