6 ways to celebrate World Environment Day

You will contribute to sustainable development taking part on the WED.

"Raise your voice, not the sea level". That's how simple the message for World Environment Day this June 5th is. This year, it focuses on the impact of climatic change on Small Developing Island States, including, the rising sea level.

These Small Island States may be better known as fantastic destinations with incredible natural beauty and surprising cultures, home to 63.2 million people. But, despite their small surface area, they are the guardians of the oceans and rich in natural resources. Therefore, the challenges faced by these regions cannot be ignored.

World Environmental Day

"The ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising and the oceans are becoming more acidic. Greenhouse gas emissions continue increasing. Climatic extremes are increasingly frequent and severe. However, I also have hope." Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations.

With these revealing words from the Secretary General of the UN, we begin to understand the actual scope of climatic change, which especially affects these Small Developing Island States. So, days like WED are necessary for raising population's awareness at a global level, which is accompanied by government actions.

This June 5th, whatever way you choose to combat climate change, protect the environment and show your solidarity with the islands, you will contribute to sustainable development. Take part in WED!

Consequences of climate change

We will show you 6 actions that you can participate in:

1. A Tree of Life for World Environment Day: In Spain, the Aquae Foundation has implemented a "Tree of Life" that invites everyone to send a 140 character message on "an idea or measure that if put into practice by the global citizenship, would make life on the planet more sustainable". http://campus.fundacionaquae.org/.

2. “Ecorun”, a race for the environment, is another initiative that will be carried out in Spain and whose profits will be used to finance environmental projects.

3. Another action related with sustainability in fashion. On the Moves to Slow Fashion website, you can share some actions that you take to reduce fashion's impact on the environment like: using ecological cleaning products, controlling water consumption, recycling your clothes,... Additionally they will raffle 6 'MTS Solidario' T-shirts.

Deforestation causes global warming

4. World Environment Day Tweetathon: Log in to your Twitter account and organize various messages to be sent during those 48 hours. Just remember to include: #DíaMundialdelMedioAmbiente or #DMMA2014.

5. In Mexico the Feria Ambiental Michoacán 2014 [Michoacán Environmental Fair 2014] will take place, on Thursday the 5th from 9:00 a.m., in the Gardens of the “Benito Juárez” Zoological Park of Morelia.

6. In the United States and England this day will also be celebrated with various activities. Millions of people have been invited to the WED challenge at Times Square plaza in New York and Piccadilly Circus in London to celebrate this day and raise awareness among citizens of the importance of stopping climatic change.

For more information on WED: http://www.unep.org/spanish/wed/about/