This Saturday's symbolic blackout shows the global support for the fight against climate change
Wind energy on Global Wind Day

After a decade since its inception, the Earth Hour event, that was conceived in 2007 by the organization WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), has become one of the most supported campaigns against climate change in  world history.

For the last eleven years, during  the  last Saturday of March, millions of people, companies  and institutions around the world turn off the light of their homes and buildings for an hour to symbolically show their support for the fight against climate change.

The Planet first. Let nobody stop you

In this edition, the event will keep in mind that 2016 has been the year with the highest recorded temperatures since 1880; And that since the beginning of the 21st century, each year has subsequently exceeded the heat record of the previous year.

Climate change has become more evident over the past year, especially in Arctic areas, but 2016 has also provided good news: for instance the ratification of the Paris Agreement on  November 4th  is a turning point in the fight against global warming.

ACCIONA joins the initiative

ACCIONA will take part  in the Earth Hour turning off the luminous signs of the company's main headquarters in Spain from 20.30 to 21.30. In addition, an internal call to employees has been made inviting them to participate in the initiative and spread the word  on their social networks.

Through this gesture, ACCIONA seeks to raise awareness of the need to curb climate change and reduce pollutant emissions. With its mitigation and adaptation measures, ACCIONA avoided the emission of 14.8 million tonnes of CO2 in 2016.


Sources: Earth Hour and UNFCCC.